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Please note that these novellas have not been professionally edited. They have been beta read heavily however typos, spelling mistakes may occur.



When you hear the siren, you have to run. When you hear the siren, you have to hide.

Sadie Richardson didn't see the big deal of sneaking out of school for her free period until she is given the ultimate punishment, detention in the freezing sports hall of Kinterton College. Along for the ride is the notoriously mean spirited Jack Keeling and voiceless Reese Talley. Two souls she'd rather not spend the duration of her sentence with. But just when things can't get any worse, Sadie hears the siren.


Wait, what's the matter? Why do you look so scared? I'm not going to hurt you...

Eric Rolla didn't expect his life to end so soon after a night out celebrating with his friends. He didn't ask to be made into the undead. After bumping into you one evening (yes, you the reader), he wants to tell you his story, but you may not like what he has to say about his new life.


Can we be saved from ourselves?

Jackie works in a dead end job at the Shop and Drop and is secretly planning her suicide. News breaks out that her hero Brandon Rivers, notorious drug troubled lead singer of grunge rock band Fall Into Place has escaped Holy Cross Hospital.

On her way home from work, Jackie is attacked by two drunken men, but is rescued by a mysterious stranger who she discovers looks exactly like the infamous musician. From his stance, to his voice, to the iconic Egyptian eye tattoo on his neck. The only thing that is different is the colour of his eyes and when questioned, he insists that he is not Brandon Rivers but has come to give Jackie an important warning.

mercy book cover v2.jpg

All I could hear was the chanting...

After a horrendous breakup and following the advice of a friend, it was the right time to do some hiking. To get over her ex, get out in the fresh air and be one with nature.

If only she'd read the small print...

Short Stories: Work
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