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Wait, what's the matter? Why do you look so scared? I'm not going to hurt you...


Contains strong language and scenes of a violent and sexual nature which readers may find distressing or offensive. Please read with caution.

Eric Rolla didn't expect his life to end so soon after a night out celebrating with his friends. He didn't ask to be made into the undead. After bumping into you one evening (yes, you the reader), he wants to tell you his story, but you may not like what he has to say about his new life.

Eat Her Alive: Work


I came up with the idea when I was at a gig with my friends. I was waiting to be picked up, it was chucking down with rain & I noticed outside the arena, there was a small passage way. It was dark, cold & lonely. My mind immediately began to think of images of a girl being hunted. After listening to copious amounts of rock/dark themed songs & being inspired by gothic writers like Bram Stoker and Anne Rice, I finished the book years later. If you listen to the playlist, there might be a song on there which also helped the title acquire its name. ;)

When EHA was available on, it grossed over 86K reads!

I'd love to create an audio version of this book one day!

-Kateri x

(January 2021)

P.S. The Carling Academy referenced in EHA was a real place, it was where the idea was conceived.

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Limp Bizkit - Eat You Alive
Breaking Benjamin - So Cold
Earshot - Headstrong
Disturbed - Down With the Sickness
Chelsea Wolfe - Feral Love
Combichrist - Shut Up and Bleed
Korn - Here To Stay

Eat Her Alive: About
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