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All I could hear was the chanting...


Contains some minor scenes of violence.  Readers may find scenes upsetting. *Please read with care.*

After a horrendous breakup and following the advice of a friend, it was the right time to do some hiking. To get over her ex, get out in the fresh air and be one with nature.

If only she'd read the small print...

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Mercy: Work

Behind the Scenes

This was written in a handful of days for a writing competition on Wattpad back in 2018. The premise they gave was a hiking/camping horror. Your lead character wakes up and everyone in the camping party has vanished, the reason for the vanishing is in their tents.

Sadly, those of us who entered the competition, the results were never posted! A mystery! Now, I’m older. I can see holes or webs where I’d change things but I wanted to preserve this as it was originally created.

It was good writing practice and it was interesting to work from somebody else’s prompt. I’m a huge admirer of Greek mythology and it was great to lace that with in this experiment.

-Kateri x

(January 2023)

Mercy: Text
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