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Bittersweet Injuries sequel (in the works)

Hoping for a winter 2024 release


A gripping supernatural thriller -

Book I  from The Dove & Snake Series

Some secrets can last for centuries.

Marcus Weaving is a retired psychology lecturer and therapist. Not a man to sit around, he volunteers at his local university. Years of clinical practice are put to the test when he receives a mischievous text from somebody called L.

Intrigued and unnerved, Marcus goes to the address provided and is welcomed by a beautiful blonde woman named Lily. Their story goes way back to his tumultuous youth when he had to flee from his abusive mother and other demons skulking around.

Timing for a romantic reunion could not be any worse. Marcus is about to become a grandfather and he has ongoing issues with his estranged, drug addicted son.

Why has Lily shown up after all of this time? And, why hasn't she aged a day?

Bittersweet Injuries - Kateri Stanley - Front Cover.jpg


A modern day mystery with a splash of fantasy!

Secrets lurk beneath


Julian Finch (widower and fisherman) learns that two of his colleagues have been found dead on Drake Cove beach. His cosy community is under severe scrutiny from public opinion due to a tradition called "The Culling" which consists of slaughtering pilot whales. He becomes the victim of a hate-attack after a viral video blows up online. The killer of his friends is closer than he thinks.

From the Deep book cover.jpg
Forgive Me Book Cover Second Edition - Original.jpg



The suspense thriller with plenty of twists and turns!


Digging up the past is dangerous.

Investigative journalist Susan 'Stripe' McLachlan is hounded by documentarians for interview requests about the unsolved Night Scrawler murders. After all, one of the victims was her father.

When one of her projects goes viral, Stripe is commissioned by IT entrepreneur, Isaac Payne to write an article for his website. Usually, her projects delve into the uncomfortable, but there's a hauntingly familiar pull about her new client that intrigues her.

As she learns more about Isaac, Stripe digs up fresh secrets, arousing her suspicions.

But how deep is Stripe willing to dive to uncover the truth? And how will she cope with revelations that challenge everything she has ever known?

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